Buying Generic Valium from the Local U.S. Pharmacy

It is common for most Americans to think that they can save on cost when buying medication which is not always the case. The following article will help illustrate why making purchases at the local pharmacy in the U.S will help save you more money than those online sites. The example used for this illustration is the generic Valium, diazepam. The drug is mostly used to treat anxieties.

Valium belongs to the class of drugs controlled by the FDA known as benzodiazepines. The reason why it fits this classification is the fact that it is highly addictive and subject to abuse. The United States has documented many cases of people who have fallen victim either to Valium addiction or excessive prescription of the drug. In any case, a single pill goes for about 25 cents for those paying out of pocket and with a prescription card discount. Otherwise, the brand name Valium sells at $3.50 at the local store and this price is constant irrespective of whether one has the discount card.

Valiu Price

One can find the prices at which the local pharmacy sells its Valium by inserting the zip code at Pharmacy Checker online. A point to note is that pharmacies that sell controlled substances, including Valium, in Canada will not have results. An example for Boulder, Co, shows that a month’s prescription of Valium costs about $7. In Canada, expect the prices to be higher. For instance, 30 2 mg pills will sell for about $13.28. Therefore, you might have to pay double the price

Ever since Valium entered the American market over fifty years ago, its peak usage was in the mid-1970s. In the year 1978 alone, Americans bought over 2 billion of the Valium pills. It was, in part, due to the aggressive marketing campaign used by Roche Pharmaceuticals. The classification of Valium as a controlled substance in 1975 significantly limited its distribution, sale, and consequent use.

Regardless, there is still a vast amount of these prescriptions floating around such as the 14.8 million diazepam-inscribed prescriptions recorded in 2012. Currently, Valium helps treat a variety of conditions such as muscle spasms, panic disorders, night terrors, and even irritable bowel disorder, in addition to dealing with anxiety.

Back to the point of this article. Many get tempted to transact with online pharmacies who promise to deliver the generic Valium at an affordable cost with no prescription at all. In most cases, this is usually a scam and will only end up stealing your money. It would be recommended to stay away from online pharmacies as much as possible. However, this does not mean that there no legitimate sites. Nevertheless, the dangers of buying Valium medication from online pharmacies are too significant to ignore. If one does not end up addicted to the drug, there is the risk of overdose (sometimes very lethal), or the drug ends up causing irreparable damage to the body or worsening the condition.

Given the scope of problems associated with purchasing Valium from online sources, and the actual prices on these sites, it would be safe to conclude that local pharmacies are way cheaper. In one of the websites visited, a single pill retailed for $1.52. The price is almost six times what one would pay for a generic Valium in a local pharmacy.

Anxiety disorders are devastating, and Valium plays a significant role in reducing its adverse effects. However, the only safe way to buy and use it is by visiting a professional to get a prescription discount card. It guarantees the buyer a month’s supply of prescribed Valium for only $7-$8. Even better is that one need not have insurance. All of these aspects are evidence of why one need not bother looking to save cost by buying Valium from online pharmacies.